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Strategic Business Plan

A strategic plan is critical to prioritizing resources (time, money and people) to grow the revenue and increase the return on investment. It focuses on building a sustainable competitive advantage and implementing and managing the strategic direction of an existing business.

Our strategic plans focus on our client’s mid- to long-term goals and establishes the basic strategies for achieving them. We guide our clients to shift their focus from the day-to-day concerns of the business to the broader and longer-term options by focusing on a few key questions about how the
business operates, and what drives its profitability, where the business is going, and what changes need to be made to in order to deliver on those strategic objectives.

Colleen Ohl

National Operational Excellence Practice Lead

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Each one of our packages has been designed as a foundation upon which we build our client’s customized solutions. We work together with ambitious entrepreneurs and industry leaders alike to develop realistic action plans around sustainable growth that leverage our their core strengths.


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This plan is designed for start-ups or existing businesses seeking to raise seed funding and get off the ground. This plan is geared to serve the start-up in two critical early development stages: Capital acquisition and strategic guidance. This business plan includes complete financials, potential cash flow, break even analysis, market analysis, marketing strategies, and separate executive summaries. The plan is typically 25+ pages in length, offering a good summary of the business with 12 months financial projections included.

This plan targets both start-ups and established businesses seeking to expand or scale their businesses, and raise a second round of funding, usually more capital than the first time around. This is a robust package offering critical analysis in a 45+ page detailed presentation. The plan is typically more detailed including a comprehensive marketing strategy, a thorough competitive analysis, and systematic financial projections offering more analysis on potential markets, segments and business strategy. The package comes with 3 years financial projections.

This plan is designed for established businesses in addition to entrepreneur visa applicants seeking to invest or raise over $1m in funding. Such ventures characteristically demand a closer look, more time and advanced planning to demonstrate market potential, route-to-market, competitiveness, scalability, financial viability and associated risks. The Enterprise plan is our most comprehensive business plan. Enterprise clients will typically need a prospectus or a private placement memorandum (PPM). This package includes 60-75 pages, detailed excel spread sheet and 10+ page Investor pitch deck.


Above all, Jevo Advisors is committed to delivering the highest quality on every assignment. To support and achieve this goal, we have implemented a quality management policy that is systematically applied to all our assignments. Our policy is underpinned by the following components:

As a firm, we believe that sustained success is achieved when we attract and retain the confidence of our clients. Every aspect of client interaction provides an opportunity for us to create more value for the client. Our primary focus is on understanding the current and future needs of our clients and striving to exceed their expectations.
Our leaders are responsible for establishing unity of purpose and direction and creating conditions in which our people are engaged in achieving our firm’s quality objectives. We believe that focusing on a common purpose and engaging our people enables us to more effectively align our strategies, policies, processes and resources to achieve our objectives.
Competent, engaged and empowered people at all levels throughout our firm are essential to enhance our capabilities to create and deliver value to our clients. For this reason, we involve our people at all levels in achieving our quality objectives through recognition, empowerment and enhancement of competence.
Our quality management system consists of interrelated processes. Understanding how results are produced by this system enables us to optimize the system and its performance.
Continual improvement is our core objective. Improvement is essential for us to maintain our current levels of performance, to react to changes in our internal and external conditions and to create new opportunities.
From experience, we have learned that Decision making can be a complex process, and it always involves some uncertainty. Decisions based on the analysis and evaluation of data and information are more likely to produce desired results and lead to greater objectivity.
Sustained success is more likely to be achieved when we manage our relationships with all of our partner network, and vendors to optimize their impact on performance.
Each assignment undertaken by the firm must deliver a response that completely satisfies the expectations of the client. An assignment is considered complete only when the client is fully satisfied.

Technology leaders’ agenda

To strategically transform, leaders need to deliver tech at speed, innovate at scale and put humans at the center.

Marketing and growth leaders’ agenda

The new mandate for data-driven marketing and growth leaders: frictionless, personalized experiences to anticipate and deliver what customers need.



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